Operation of Standard Model Shower Timer

Note: This model is recommended for use where vandalism is possible, for instance at caravan parks or tourist hot spots, hostels, hotels or boarding schools. We recommend this model if it is possible (and desired) to access the water pipes, rather than the Heavy Duty model.

OPTION: There is no internal functional difference between the Residential and the Commercial Models. It is just the look and feel of the face plate that is different.

What’s Included In Your Purchase ?

  • The Standard Model (Domestic) Shower Timer unit also comes with a 12 Volt power pack and solenoid valve for use in Australia.
  • Printed instruction manual

How it Works

  • The shower is terminated after a pre-determined time and that is followed by a “discouraging” waiting period during which the shower will not operate
  • The shower and waiting time are pre programmed by the owner from 0-12 mins
  • The shower is terminated after a pre-determined time and that is followed by a “discouraging” waiting period during which the shower will not operate
  • The heavy duty shower timer is best located within the shower area at around eye level for audible and visual efficiency
  • There is a visual display which counts down the minutes and seconds remaining, and is supported by an audible beeper
  • Power is supplied by a 12 Volt power pack that is installed in the roof cavity or away from the unit in an adjoining room


  • The unit is connected via  12 Volt power pack (supplied) that requires a 240 Volt power outlet
  • Assemble and fit the shower timer as per the assembly instructions in the kit
  • For more efficient water utilisation during showers, consider installing a water saving shower head (around 9 L / minute)


  • Both shower time and waiting time are selected and set by the owner from a number of pre-programmed time options
  • The SHOWER TIME can be selected in whole minutes up to 12 minutes
  • The WAIT TIME can be selected between showers from 0, 15, 30, 60, 120 or 300 seconds
  • The settings can only be changed by first removing the power source
  • Power failure will not change the settings
  • In the normal condition the settings can be seen at a glance because the visual display indicates the two settings alternately for three seconds each
  • The SHOWER TIME setting is displayed as a steady glow and the WAIT TIME flashes


  • Press the Start button momentarily to begin the shower time sequence. This will be confirmed by a beep from the buzzer.
  • Hot and cold water taps still control the temperature and water flow, like you would normally use
  • The visual display indicates the remaining shower time in minutes.
  • At each minute change, the buzzer beeps once.
  • From 99 seconds, the display indicates remaining seconds.
  • At each of 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 seconds remaining, the buzzer beeps once.
  • The water is then cut off and the flashing visual display indicates the remaining Waiting time.
  • Pressing the button at any time during the SHOWER TIME or WAIT TIME has no effect.

Progress Monitoring

  • Visual progress monitoring is provided by displaying the remaining time in minutes and seconds
  • This is supported by audible signals from an electronic buzzer
  • The audible signals indicate increasing urgency until the timer ultimately shuts off the water supply to the shower
  • The waiting time period then commences and is reported by the visual display
  • The visual and audible signals are similar to that used in a microwave oven

Important Note: The shower head is not supplied.

You can usually use your existing shower head with the shower timer or save more water by replacing it with a water saving shower head!

Standard Model Shower Timer

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