About Us

Shower Timers Australia is proudly an Australian based business, with over 20 years selling the shower timer product into the Australian and international marketplace. 

We pride ourselves on quality, delivery and our wide range of shower timer options available. Simply put, no other brand can compare with what we've got.

Our approach is that showers are meant to be functional - within certain time limits to allow an enjoyable shower.

Sometimes this trust can be abused by people who have no regard for the cost of water or heating; we typically get most complaints from caravan park owners, backpackers, mums and dads with unruly teenagers, and households with international students.

Our shower timers are based on a real conscience towards protecting the environment - we are in this for the long term of our planet ! By installing a shower timer you are protecting accidental (or deliberate) waste water usage from shower users.

Compliance & Certifications

Watermark approved - all internal components including valves, etc are Watermark approved. The shower timer units do not require Watermark 

Ingress Protection compliance is IPX5 - protection from low pressure water jets from any direction.

ACMA Approval Tick N12616 - compliance with electrical EMC/EMI regulations 

Australian Patent number 785030 - this is the original patent that we lodged when we developed the product