Cost Savings

Let's take a look at a quick example about how we use showers as a family, and how we can operate to save the environment - and your hip pocket !

  • Most people spend much more time than necessary under the shower.
  • The average time under the shower is more than 12 minutes.
  • It is a fact that 6 minutes is more than adequate if the time is used well.
  • Most showers deliver water at more than 12 litres per minute. At a comfortable temperature of 40°C, that heated water can cost more than 20¢ per minute, or over $800 per year. Multiply that by the number of showers per day and the cost becomes significant.
  • Showertimer limits the duration of each shower, with convenient progress reporting.
  • The heating energy required to provide a comfortable temperature depends on the ambient temperature, the energy source and amount of water used.
  • Typically, a family having 3 showers daily will recover the purchase and installation of a Shower Timer in about 4 months. After this time they will be saving over $1,000 every year.

The Shower Timer is a sound investment that rapidly pays for itself.

Perform your own analysis using our Excel based Cost Calculator.