We Sell The Latest Shower Timers in Australia

Our electro-mechnical shower timers physically disable the shower water after a set time of your choice, to stop the abuse of hot water.

"Most homes save around 40% in excess water usage costs and 25% in water heating costs in the first 12 months." **

Battery Powered Shower Timer
Economy Model Shower Timer
PIN Model Shower Timer
Standard Model Shower Timer
Heavy Duty Shower Timer

Australian Shower Timers Work !

Our Shower Timers business is proudly an Australian grown, owned and operated, with over 20 years selling the shower timer product into the Australian and international marketplace. You can select and buy from the widest range of automatic shower timers in Australia to help you save shower water.

The principle is simple: only use the amount of water you need for a shower, and not a drop more.

For the DIY enthusiasat, our retrofit models (battery model, economy model or heavy duty model) slide over the shower head and are a complete waterproof shower timer unit.

We are constantly faced with groups of people who feel it is their right to enjoy a nice long hot shower - at the expense of everyone else. Well now we have solution that makes it fair and cost effective for everyone to take a shower within a reasonable time, with no more yelling or shouting. 

We hear so many stories almost every day from people such as:  

  • Parents who want to protect against water abuse from teenagers so that they can claim their own hot shower at the end of the day
  • Homestay parents who entertain people or students from different cultures, and who don't understand that their are limits to how much water they are entitled to under their roof
  • Backpacker resorts who provide accommodation for fruit pickers in remote rural communities, where water is scarce
  • Caravan Parks where unwanted guests enter to steal a free hot shower, costing thousands of dollars each week to the business
  • Business owners who provide showers for workers and want to limit the time entitlement
  • And lots, lots more ! 

People come to us because we solve a serious, expensive problem that is out of control. 

We don't charge an arm and a leg for the shower timer product - in fact it is proven to save you money with exceptional return on investment ! 

Check out our range of products and see how we might benefit your hip pocket and fix the problem that you are faced with.

SHIPPING: We charge a flat rate of $12.50 for full delivery to anywhere in Australia. This includes full replacement value insurance of the product in case it is lost in delivery.


Battery Model Shower Timer

Battery Model Shower Timer

Operation of Battery Powered Shower TimerNote: This model is not recommended for use where..

$300.00 Ex Tax:$300.00

PIN Model Shower Timer

PIN Model Shower Timer

Operation of PIN Model Shower TimerHow it WorksAllows you to set a different shower time for each us..

$275.00 Ex Tax:$275.00

Standard Model Shower Timer

Standard Model Shower Timer

Operation of Standard Model Shower TimerNote: This model is recommended for use where vandalism is p..

$300.00 Ex Tax:$300.00

Heavy Duty Shower Timer

Heavy Duty Shower Timer

Operation of Heavy Duty Shower TimerNote: This model is recommended for use where vandalism is possi..

$430.00 Ex Tax:$430.00

(**) Notes

  • Usage varies from house to house, and from business to business
  • Savings on overall water and electricity bills will vary