• Battery Model Shower Timer

Operation of Battery Powered Shower Timer

Note: This model is not recommended for use where vandalism is likely.

How it Works

  • Power is supplied by a battery of six AA cells (not included).
  • Good quality alkaline batteries are recommended, and will typically last 12 months without replacement.
  • The shower is terminated after the chosen time and that is followed by a “discouraging” waiting period.
  • Shower and waiting times are chosen by the owner up to a maximum of 15 and 30 minutes respectively.


  • Shower and waiting times are chosen by setting the switches to the desired shower length and wait time, prior to installation.
  • The shower timer beeper can be disabled, using mini switches mounted on the electronic circuit board inside the control box.
  • These settings cannot be changed except by removing the shower and the box from the wall.
  • The box can be secured to the wall with the screw provided and a plastic seal must be broken to remove that screw.


  • There is no need to run a power lead in through the wall because the battery is contained in the box.
  • Unscrew your existing shower head
  • Assemble and fit the shower timer as per the assembly instructions in the kit
  • Screw your shower head back onto the top of the shower timer
  • For more efficient water utilisation during showers, consider installing a water saving shower head (around 9 L / minute)


  • Push the Start button and the shower will start under the control of hot and cold taps.
  • The progress or Status is indicated by a “traffic” light emitting diode (LED).
  • Every 10 seconds, it flashes green but changes to amber when one minute remains and then red for each of the final 10 seconds.
  • The LED is supported by an optional beeper which will sound twice as a 2 minute warning, once at 1 minute, at 10 seconds and each of the last 5 seconds.
  • The “Finish” light will also flash red for the final 5 seconds.
  • After the shower is terminated, the blue “Wait” light will flash every 10 seconds until waiting time is complete.

When to Change the Battery

The “Battery low” light will flash red when it is time to replace the battery.

Soon after that, the solenoid valve will open permanently allowing normal, unrestricted showers and the “Battery low” light will continue to flash intermittently.


Important Note: The shower head and batteries are not supplied.

You can usually use your existing shower head with the shower timer or save more water by replacing it with a water saving shower head!

Battery Model Shower Timer

  • $250.00

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